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Honeybutter Desserts creates unique event experiences featuring customized dessert menus with exceptional attention to detail and service. Catering to the Ottawa, Smith Falls, Perth, and Kingston Areas, Honeybutter Desserts is a desire to create only beautiful, delicious desserts. Premium ingredients and sublime flavour pairings combine with inspiring presentations to define the Honeybutter Desserts experience.

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Make Your Wedding Everything.

Your wedding might be a small black-tie gathering in your backyard or a prestigious venue – Honeybutter Desserts offers a full range of elegant dessert catering options. Honeybutter Desserts and its team will make your sweetest day the best it can be.

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Party Packages

Elegant Dessert Ensembles for Every Occasion.

From intimate anniversaries to extravagant dinner parties for a large number of guests, the Honeybutter Desserts team will help bring all the great times together. Catering desserts for everything from corporate functions, holidays, weddings, receptions, showers, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

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The Finest & Most Elegant Dessert Catering.

Honeybutter Desserts is the perfect catering option for corporate functions, weddings, holidays, showers, dinner parties, anniversaries, birthdays and more (like a well deserved personal delight). Honeybutter Desserts is also able to manage custom menu desires, delivery of an order, and even creating custom décor pieces to elevate the look and feel of your event.

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