A Bridal Shower That Will WOW

Whether you’re planning your own bridal shower, or that of a loved one, the whole experience can be quite the undertaking. Without proper planning and organization, it is likely to turn into an overwhelming and unenjoyable experience. Over time, Honeybutter has picked up some important tips that will not only get you on the right track, but keep you there!

Determine a Budget

Setting a budget is one of the most important aspects when planning your event. When forgetting to consider your budget, its easy to get carried away and spend way too much. It’s also an easy way for an event to go completely off track, especially on a tight budget! Using up too much at the beginning of your planning can leave you with nothing left for the final touches. Some key things to consider when determining your budget are venue, menu, and décor. If you are tackling this event with the help of your friends, consider splitting both the costs and responsibilities… especially if you’re the bride-to-be!

Establishing Direction

Choosing a theme and/or colour scheme will make planning and decision making significantly easier. This decision will play into your overall budget though, so be sure to consider them hand-in-hand. On a modest budget, crafting your own decorations goes a long way, as does hosting your event at home. If you have a bit of cash to play around with, you may want to take a more elegant route in your decorating, and even consider throwing the shower at a restaurant or event space. Once your theme or direction is determined, decisions and purchases regarding décor can be made. Items you may want to budget for include invitations, table cloths and centrepieces, flowers, napkins and wall decorations (pictures, streamers, etc).

Menu Planning

There are so many different directions you can go when deciding what to serve at your bridal shower; and once again, your budget is an important factor in this. Consider the time of day your event will be held; this will aid in nailing down an appropriate menu and serving style. If you are thinking of hosting your bridal shower in the evening (after 5pm), your guests are likely to expect a full meal which, may be difficult to accomplish on a strict budget. A similar expectation will occur if you were to host around lunchtime. We've found the best time to host is between meal times (2pm-5pm). You will still want to provide your guests with a selection of food and drinks, but this will ease the pressure of preparing a sit down meal.

A variety of hors d'oeuvres and canapés is an ideal choice. Guests  can eat as much or as little as they desire, while making things a little easier on your part — in both preparation and serving. You can add the extra touch of a salad bar, or a fruit and veggie spread.

We now turn to dessert! Even without hosting a multi-course meal, dessert options are a must! After all, everyone loves a sweet treat! Traditionally, brides like to have a cake at their shower, so you may want to check in with your bride about this! Cakes add undeniable elegance to any event, but this option is not for everyone. A dessert table on the other hand, will not only elevate your event, is a definite crowd pleaser! Mini cheesecakes, macarons, cookies, and other small treats will have your guests raving, especially when paired with champagne or sparkling wines.

Regardless of the time of day you decide on, be sure to have coffee and tea options available for your guests, as well as a selection of hard and soft drink options. This may include fruit infused water (sparkling or fresh), a homemade lemonade, fresh fruit punch, sangria, or even a signature cocktail.

Food brings people together and provides, intimate bonding experience, and is the centre of most events and gatherings. So be sure to plan this part carefully, and don't cut corners!

Now that your budget, theme and menu have been carefully considered, your bridal shower is sure to be a great success, and a memorable event to kick off a lifetime of love.


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