Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies — Easier Than You Think!

Cookies! Who doesn’t love cookies? Whether you learned your love for cookies from your dad (like us)! Or your favourite brand got you hooked years ago; Honeybutter is ready to give you the inside scoop on how to make impossible-to-resist, jaw-dropping cookies out of your own kitchen.  Follow closely, and your cookies will be so good, you may not even want to share!

Use Brown Sugar

Not only does brown sugar add a deeper flavour to your cookie, but it also contains more moisture than white sugar, making for a softer, chewier cookie. Using mainly or exclusively white sugar is likely to lead to a crispy cookie.

Chill the Dough

The importance of this step is not often realized, yet it is something you always want to do with your cookie dough. Doing this will prevent overspreading when it comes time to bake, as well as prevent the finished cookie from becoming too greasy. Chilling your dough for at least one hour is a must, but overnight is best whenever possible. The longer you chill your cookie dough, the longer the flavours have a chance to marinate with each other, creating a more dynamic flavour.


The right temperature is crucial. And we don’t just mean the temperature of the oven. Be sure to use room temperature eggs and butter when making your batter. Cold butter will struggle to fully incorporate into your batter, and cold eggs will affect the temperature of your other ingredients. When it comes time to bake your cookies, a cold cookie dough and a moderate oven temperature are best (325º-350ºF). If you notice the cookies are spreading too much while in the oven, raise the temp by 25°.

Mix and Measure — With Precision

The importance of mixing and measuring your ingredients precisely is paramount for all baking. Use the proper measuring cups for both wet and dry ingredients, or better yet, a food scale. Flour gives your cookies structure so ensure accuracy. Not enough flour will cause excessive spreading once in the oven, while too much won’t allow your cookies to spread at all. Don’t mix for too long or too vigorously, or your cookies won’t properly rise. You'll want to mix just long enough so that all the ingredients are properly incorporated; smooth and creamy to the eye. Chocolate chips, nuts or dried fruit should be added to the batter last, and mixed just long enough to be distributed evenly.

It’s All About the Salt!

This is all about flavour! Salt added to any baked good will go a long way bringing out every other flavour. ‘Sweet and salty' is a pairing like no other; add that dash of salt and let it peak through the sweetness for that perfect, craving-crushing satisfaction!

Today, we’ve also made double chocolate chip cookies. You can easily do this too! Simply replace 3/4 cup of flour in your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe with an equal amount of good quality cocoa powder.

So, there you have it! We've given you the loop, the rest is in your undoubtedly capable hands. Honeybutter is here to support you through all your baking adventures, so don’t be shy to reach out, seek advice, or share your successes with us!


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